Pool Supplies in Overland Park for Opening Above-Ground Pools

Summer is just around the corner, and it will soon be time to start enjoying backyard swimming pools. In order to be able to do this, pools need to be prepared for swimmers. This is what is known as opening pools. The water needs to be cleaned and treated before anyone can go swimming, and in order to do this special chemicals must be used. Before treating the water, the first thing to do is get rid of any debris that are on top of the pool’s winter cover to keep them from getting in the water. Next, remove the cover, then lay it flat to dry before putting it away for the season.

Once the cover has been removed, clean any leaves and debris that may have fallen into the water. This can be done with a pool vacuum, one of the pool supplies in Overland Park, KS needed for opening above-ground pools and keeping them clean all summer long. Next, take out any plugs that may have been put in before winter, and clean the filter if it wasn’t cleaned before closing the pool. Replace the filter sand if it is more than a couple of years old. Connect the pump and filter, and top up the pool with enough water to start going through the filtration system. If there are any leaks in the pump and filter, now is the time to get them fixed. Check the skimmer for leaks as well, as well as any other connections to make sure there are no leaks anywhere.

Now it is time to check the chemistry in the water. Pool testing kits are available at Banks Blue Valley Pool and Spa Designs. Never put any chemicals in the pool until the water has been tested, and until the pump and filter have been running and circulating the water for a minimum of 12 hours. Check the pH level, and use the proper chemicals to get the water to the level it is supposed to be. If there is a green hue to the water, it will need to be treated for algae before other chemicals are added.

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