Plumbing Santa Barbara and When to Call for Professional Services

Some plumbing problems you encounter can be fixed by using conventional plumbing tools and equipment, while others require professional plumbing services. For instance, sometimes a clogged toilet can be remedied for a long time with the use of a plunger, but sometimes the problem is complicated and needs to be handled by a Plumbing Santa Barbara contractor. When should you call for services?

Backed Up Drain
Water backup is often caused by something more serious than a regular clog. It is more likely caused from a blockage or compromise in the main water lines or sewer/septic. It could even be from a tree root that has collapsed or broken through the main water pipe. No matter what is keeping your toilet from flushing or your water from draining around your house, it needs to be addressed right away. Some cases where the back up causes flooding is an emergency and will require emergency plumbing services Santa Barbara.

Water Heater Problems
It is not advisable to try to fix water heater issues on your own. Call a plumber if you have a water leak in your hot water heating device, gas leak from a gas water heater, or if it malfunctions and you have no hot water. The repairs or replacement for a water heater must be done by a trained professional regardless of what type of device it is and how it is powered.

Broken Pipes or Faucets
A broken pipe or faucet can at very least be an inconvenience and at worst cause a mess with water splattering all over the room. A broken pipe or faucet is considered a plumbing emergency that needs to be addressed immediately. When you call for services, you may be instructed to turn off the water main or at least the valve to the fixture that is affected by the breach.

These are three reasons you might need to call for professional Plumbing Santa Barbara services. Any time you have a problem with your plumbing and are unsure of how to handle it yourself, you should call for a plumber. Jerrys Plumbing & Heating provides quality plumbing services as well as heating and air conditioning services for residential and commercial applications.

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