Plea Bargaining and the DUI Attorney in Williston, ND

Many people living in the Williston area who are accused of driving under the influence want to hire an attorney to avoid any punishment. Although that is the best potential result from a DUI case, it is not always possible to achieve this result. The police are quite skilled at gathering evidence. There is technology that allows police to measure a driver’s blood alcohol level quickly. As a result, the district attorney often has a lot of evidence against DUI defendants. When this occurs, it can be hard for the defense attorney to show that the prosecution has failed to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Nevertheless, it can still be helpful to hire a DUI Attorney in Williston ND area, in order to get a more favorable plea bargain.

Plea bargaining is an important part of the criminal justice system. The number of cases the criminal justice system can process is limited. Because of that, prosecutors like to settle as many cases as possible without going to trial. In order for a defendant to accept a settlement via plea bargaining, the prosecutor has to offer something valuable in exchange. Because of this, many defendants think they can negotiate a favorable plea deal without a DUI attorney. That is usually a mistake. If the prosecutor knows the defendant does not have legal counsel, the state may not offer much in plea bargaining.

In order for the prosecutor to offer significant concessions, the defense has to show there is a decent chance that the state could lose its case. To prove this, defendants need to consider hiring a DUI Attorney in Williston ND. After a defendant hires legal counsel, the DUI lawyer can begin building a case that may bring enough doubt to avoid a conviction with some jurors. For example, it may not be wise to take a case to trial with a 20% chance of success. If the defendant loses, he or she will get the conviction as well as a large legal bill. It is often wiser to go for a plea bargaining deal. The prosecution will be motivated to offer enough concessions to avoid trial the defense has legal counsel and a 20% chance of winning.

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