Plasti Dip Your Way to a New Automotive Finish

Do you wish you could change the color of your car without going through all the added labor and expense? Maybe you just want to change a certain part of your vehicle, or you want to enhance the color of your car without completely covering it. You can now, when you purchase plasti dip gallons. There is no better way to transform your vehicle than to customize the paint job with Plasti Dip. The beauty of Plasti Dip is that it is easy to apply, and peels off when you are ready for a change!

A Plethora of Color Combinations

There are a plethora of Plasti Dip colors that come in gallon sizes. When you purchase a gallon sized container of Plasti Dip, you are assured a quality product that takes your car from mundane to extraordinary. This sprayable rubber dip is also perfect for many other projects around the garage and house, although it is best known for being used on vehicles. The options are endless when you realize just how easy it is to apply as well as peel off. You can customize recreational vehicles, boats and even your cell phone!

The Duration of Plasti Dip

Most applications of Plasti Dip require about four to five coats per dip job. The more coats that are applied, the easier it will be when you are ready to peel it off. Additional coats also give a smoother look that vehicles require. Plasti Dip has been known to last as long as three years, but that is normally up for debate since fans of Plasti Dip enjoy the process so much they tend to change the color of their vehicles often. It all depends on how well the Plasti Dip is applied. The dip itself is extremely durable and does not lose its bond easily. How well it sticks depends on the distance of the spray when it is being applied to a surface, and how many coats it has been given. The beauty of it all is that the gallon sized Plasti Dip comes ready to spray, so you can start your vehicle customization projects as soon as you grab a gallon! If you feel like the Plasti Dip is wearing down over time, you can easily add another layer to build it right back up.

How Much Plasti Dip Do You Need to Dip a Car?

If you are going to dip an entire car, it is recommended that you have three gallons of Plasti Dip handy. Three gallons is enough to cover cars that are standard sizes, larger vehicles will require more gallons. First time dippers may want to buy an extra gallon as a backup. Some lighter colors such as, orange, yellow and white may also need an extra gallon, as well.

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