Planning for Spring Break or Summer 2021: Where to Go in San Diego for Fun

After last year, everyone is bursting at the seams and chomping at the bit to go somewhere and do something fun this year. If you are thinking camping, or RV’ing, then you might want to check out a family resort in San Diego. This particular family resort in San Diego has so many outdoorsy things to do the kids can’t possibly be bored. As a parent, you’ll love all of the options for entertainment, camping out, and food, too. Here’s just a sample of what you can do here.

Rent a Watercraft

Rent a boat. Rent a paddleboard. Rent a jet ski. Whatever you want to drive or ride on the ocean waters in front of this beachside establishment, you can. A lot of teens and tweens like paddleboarding, but you might prefer a jet ski or boat. It’s all available, but only on a first-come, first-serve basis every day.

Kids’ Game Room

Yeah, you’re trying to get them away from the video games, but at some point in your stay they will start mumbling that they’re bored. That’s when you send them to the Game Room, an arcade filled with all the electronic noise they can stand. Make sure you buy a play card and load it up for them, or they will be done playing before you can blink.

Live Entertainment

Throughout the summer months, live music and entertainment acts are booked. Check the schedule online before you book your camping spot. If you want to know more, contact Campland on the Bay at (800) 422-9386.

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