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by | Nov 28, 2013 | Reception

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Shortly after the proposal and the elation of acceptance comes the planning for a memorable wedding and wedding reception. Once you have chosen the perfect place all the little details will begin falling into place, but finding that perfect place for wedding receptions on Sterling Heights, MI takes time and thought plus that “gut feel” that tells you this is it.

Although it may sound obvious, have enough room to accommodate all your guests, but don’t have so much room that people lose the intimacy of the event. When you first see the venue, it may appear huge but once you start adding all the essentials like tables, chairs, buffet, bar, dance floor, the band and other things, the space is taken up quickly. Many venues that specialize in wedding receptions may have another one set up and ready to go, ask to look at it, find out the number of guests and how it may equate to your thinking.

The reception is all about the guests; it is the bride and grooms way of thanking everyone for their best wishes. Make sure there is plenty of room for the guests to eat, drink, chat, dance and generally, mingle. When you are standing in the venue, look for things that may be obstructive that may compromise the way you see the party flowing.

When your guests first walk into the venue, what will they see? Any place that includes an exceptional view is a definite plus. This could very well be a vista of rolling hills through the windows or the décor or architectural details. Fine furniture or a floral terrace is hard to beat when it comes to setting the tone for wedding receptions in Sterling heights, MI.

From a purely practical point of view, there should be ample outlets for the band as well as guests who need to charge their camera batteries. If the venue does not provide extension cords, note this to the band as they will need them. Look for a place with good acoustics, if the room throws too many echoes the guests may find it hard to hear each other while conversing. Last but not least is parking. If there is plenty of on-site parking this is a definite plus, if not, you will find yourself arranging shuttles to and fro.

The Gazebo has been provide elegance and value since 1974 and can comfortably cater your reception up to 275 guests. To know more about arranging wedding receptions in Sterling heights, MI visit website.

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