Planning a Custom Virtual Sales Training

Top speakers have an impact on their audiences because of their ability to connect with people. This is true regardless of whether they are speaking in-person at a conference in front of hundreds or in the boardroom of your company doing a small group training for the leadership team.

One of the ways these speakers connect with their audiences is through the customization of their message. A custom virtual sales training uses examples, scenarios, and stories that are related to the business, industry, and the challenges your sales team is struggling to overcome.

A top custom virtual sales training requires advanced planning and coordination between the company and the speaker. The more experienced the speaker, the smoother the process. It is still essential for the business to plan ahead and know the following:

• What are the objectives – these are the specific outcomes the business wants the attendees to leave with at the end of the training. These are measurable and tangible, and they will be explored and taught by the speaker during the presentation.

• Specific information or examples – in some cases, a custom virtual sales training may work with actual scenarios and examples that are occurring in the business. This is an ideal opportunity to work together to create solutions with the help of the expert facilitator.

• Follow-up services – in many cases, the training is only the start of the growth and improvement for the team. If the business plans to continue on with additional training or coaching, be sure the service offering the training has this capacity.

Plan to meet with the presenter a few weeks in advance of the training. This provides time to discuss the customization required and finalize the presentation.

The Sales Coaching Institute customizes its the virtual sales training to better suit your organization’s overall business objectives, sales training goals, and sales culture.

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