Plan a Party with Equipment Rentals in Newberg, OR

When you are planning a party, you need to consolidate as much as possible to make the planning go more smoothly. For example, if you are getting your tables, chairs, tent, and party games all from different vendors, you are going to have much more complexity in your planning. That complexity makes it much more difficult to ensure that everything is delivered on time and to your satisfaction. Also, you’ll spend a lot more money because you will have to pay multiple vendors. Oftentimes, vendors will have fees built into their pricing. So this means that you’ll be paying a base rate over and over again. In order to avoid that, you should buy as much as possible from the same vendor. You need equipment rentals from a place that also offers games and other supplies.

One-Stop Shopping

If you can combine your party planning to deal with as few vendors as possible, you will save a lot of money. The best way to do that is with a company that offers more than just equipment rentals in Newberg, OR. They should also offer games and tents.

A tent is absolutely essential for an outdoor party. Botten’s Equipment and Event Rental offers more than just standard equipment. They also provide tents if you need one. Even if you don’t think that you will need one, you should rent one anyway.

Weather Contingencies

If you’re looking through equipment rentals for an outdoor party, you need to account for different problems that might arise. For example, if it starts raining at an outdoor wedding, you will need somewhere for your guests to go. A waterproof tent can be erected over your wedding space to make sure that everyone is dry. That will allow you to have your party at the same venue without having to worry about rain or other elements. It’s also much easier to air condition or heat a tented party if the weather becomes unsavory. Click here for best party equipment rentals in Newberg, OR.