Places to Visit in Washington DC

As the capital city of the United States, Washington DC is a remarkable place to visit. There are several historical landmarks to view, and the area itself is full of history. Planning your trip to the city can be a huge job if you’re doing it alone. Fortunately, there are several tour companies available to help in this area. Here are some of the places that you’ll visit during tours of Washington DC.

The White House

A tour of the White House is the perfect activity to participate in while in Washington DC. You’ll get to see the area around the site as well, which is also home to many federal buildings. Depending on the time of year, you may not be able to tour the inside of the White House, but you can still see the outside grounds. If you have questions about this, you can always check the official web site for the White House to see when inside tours are available. Try to schedule your visit around that same time, if you want to get a small peak of the oval office. Otherwise, the view of the grounds can be just as exciting, and could leave more time to visit other important landmarks.

Capitol Hill

Many tours of Washington DC include a visit to Capitol Hill. This is where Congress meets to discuss laws and other issues concerning American citizens. Depending on the time of year that you visit, you may or may not be able to get a view of the inside. This is another area where it’s best to check the websites, and find out what types of tours are being accepted. You can also acquire about this information through the tour agency that will be taking you around the city.

Jefferson Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial is also a popular place for Washington DC tours. Visitors normally spend around 15-30 minutes here admiring the architecture. The memorial itself is a Roman design, and it hasn’t changed much since it was first built.

There are several places to visit during tours of Washington DC. Many of them are historical places that have a special meaning to the American people. This type of trip could be a learning experience for visitors of all ages.

People from all over the world are interested in tours of Washington DC. If you’re one of them, visit to plan an interesting tour that the whole family can enjoy.