Pigeon Control in New River, AZ Can Be Challenging

If you ever have seen the Alfred Hitchcock movie, “The Birds,” you might feel that your pigeon problem compares closely to the film. When you are facing this type of dilemma, you need to contact a pest control company that offers services specifically addressing the issue.

Pigeons Can Cause Health Problems

Specialists who handle pigeon control in New River, AZ point out that pigeons should be removed from a property as the birds can cause health issues and property damage. For example, the areas where pigeons nest are a breeding ground of bacteria and allergens, which can cause respiratory distress or stomach ailments in humans.

Using Spikes for Bird Control

When pigeon control is practiced, technicians use such equipment as spikes, bird wire, screens, or live traps. All these items assist in eradicating a pigeon problem effectively and safely. For instance, spikes are considered a humane and efficient deterrent and are designed to blend seamlessly with the exterior of a building. Spikes are often used to prevent the damage to property created by the birds.

When spikes are used for pigeon control, they are often placed on roof peaks, along ledges, or on curved or flat surfaces. They may also be affixed to I-beams or conduits. Spikes deter birds and will not harm them. Therefore, they are a popular form of control. Spikes are ideal to use in the desert as they stand up well in extreme temperatures.

Bird Wire

In some instances, bird wire is used to prevent pigeons from getting into openings around a home. The wire can be molded and installed in various locations and proves to be an effective deterrent for keeping birds out of space or entrance.

A live trap is yet another humane device used for pigeon control. That is why technicians assess a problem carefully to determine the best methods to use for each pigeon issue. If you currently have a problem with pigeons, contact a specialist who knows what measures will work to stop the problem and prevent its recurrence.

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