Picking the Best Tactical Spring Assisted Knives for EDC in Your US Workplace

You might not think of carrying tactical spring assisted knives on an everyday basis, but they’re perfect for this usage. Think of how easy it would be to just slip one out of your pocket and have a sharp blade at your beck and call simply by pushing a button.

There are plenty of options to pick from, so you’ll have your choice once you’ve made the decision to go spring assisted.

When picking a knife, you’ll want to pay attention to whether it’s biased toward staying open or closed. Some areas of the country aren’t as friendly to knives that openly readily with a flick of the thumb.

That being said, if you’re going to use your knife indoors all the time you may be able to select whichever model you’d like. Even if you live in a restrictive state, you can often own and use these knives in your place of business.

Additionally, some companies now make knives that are legal to carry almost everywhere. While they rely on a thumb stud or hole rather than the button found on traditional tactical spring assisted knives, these are perfect for carrying out on the job site when you’re concerned about local laws.

You’ll also want to consider what kind of steel is best for the job you’re considering. Some blades are coated in ceramic or another material while others are simply made from polished stainless steel. While coated blades can be more difficult to sharpen, they’ll also hold up to abuse quite well. You can even find many in gorgeous colors that are perfect if you plan on simply displaying your knives as part of a collection.

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