Pest Control in RI for Stubborn Fungus Gnats

Fungus gnats are curious creatures that love to scavenge. On their journey, they end up in sewage, moldy pipes, garbage and plenty of unsanitary places. You do not want these pests in your home. Unfortunately, when fungus grows on your property, these gnats often swoop in and look for a place to lay eggs. Getting rid of fungus gnats takes patience and determination. Calling pest control in RI is a smart move when you have fungus gnats in your home. But you may want to try these tips first:Change the Soil in Your Pots

One of the biggest causes of indoor fungus gnats is overwatered plants. When there is an excessive amount of water in your plant pots, fungus is more likely to grow. Fungus gnats love wet soil, and they will happily lay their eggs in your indoor plant pots when there is too much water in them. You can let your pots dry out to see if the problem goes away, but you will probably have to change the soil to get rid of the eggs.Adjust Your Sprinkler Settings

Excess water isn’t just a problem in plant pots. Fungus gnats thrive in yards that have puddles in them. Check your yard to make sure you don’t have a sprinkler leak. This is a common problem that leads to fungus gnats, and it will raise your water bill. You may also need to reduce the amount of time your sprinklers run each day. This will dry out your yard, which will cause the fungus gnats to go elsewhere.Set Traps for the Gnats

Most supermarkets sell fly ribbons. These tend to work well for catching random gnats. Fungus gnats are attracted to the color yellow, so opt for yellow ribbons if they are available. Bring in the Experts

If removing excess water doesn’t work, then you’ll have to pay for pest control in RI to get rid of the gnats. There could be a leak somewhere on your property that you are unaware of, or there could be a nearby source that is causing the problem. Guaranty Pest Elimination has the expertise and tools needed to get rid of your gnat problem. If you want to free yourself of these annoying pests, give a pest control company a call.

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