Pest Control In Boulder CO Will Keep Your Yard Looking Great And Reduce Insects

During the spring and summer months, thousands of insects seem to appear from nowhere in the yard, patio area, and landscaping. The best way to reduce insects from invading a home or destroying the landscaping and yard is by spraying for insects outside.

Pest Control in Boulder, CO can spray a perimeter that will rid the yard of earwigs, fleas, sowbugs, spiders, centipedes, beetles, silverfish and other pesty insects. Ants are another type of insect that can cause problems in and around a home. With an experienced pest control service, ants can be a thing of the past.

Benefits Of Outdoor Spraying

When Pest Control in Boulder, CO is performed on the outside of a home, it makes it easier because no one needs to be at home. The insecticide that is used will not hurt the lawn, bushes, flowers or soil. Insecticides won’t have to be sprayed inside of a home and will control a variety of insects.


Spiders are at the top of the list of frightening insects in a home. Most spiders only live a year and feed on other pests, but the widow and wolf spiders can live several years and tarantulas can survive for more than ten years.

Reducing Spiders In A Home

Reducing the number of spiders in a home requires removing the nests regularly with a vacuum or broom, picking up unnecessary clutter, eliminating other insects. Filling gaps or holes around the house and storing woodpiles away from home will help to prevent spiders.

Other Services A Lawn Company Can Provide

In addition to eliminating unwanted insects from around a home, a landscaping service can provide planting, fertilization, landscape renovations, sprinkler repair, field mowing weed control, residential and commercial mowing. A lawn care service can keep a home or business looking great all year long.

Wards Lawn Service can provide all of the services a homeowner or business need from mowing to plowing they’ll have you covered. When the days get longer, and it’s time for spring cleanup, they’ll be ready to get your yard into shape. With winter knocking on the door, don’t let the snow catch you by surprise. Please feel free to Visit the website for more information.