Personal Injury Law in Lake Land, FL Protects the Innocent

Personal injury law in Lake Land, FL is designed to protect people who become injured as the result of another party’s injurious or wrongful conduct. The legal remedies and defenses that are involved in this aspect of the law are designed to respond to tort actions.

The Meaning of the Word “Tort”

The word “tort” originates from a Latin term that means harm, twist, or wrong. Unlike criminal law, tort law does not prosecute of the wrongful party. Instead, these cases entail one party (the plaintiff) seeking compensation from the wrongdoer (the defendant).

The Doctrine of Negligence

As a result, most personal injury law cases in Lake Land, FL are based on the doctrine of negligence. This doctrine requires that members in society act responsibly to avoid placing others at risk. While the doctrine recognizes that some mishaps are unavoidable, it also requires that plaintiffs are compensated for damages if they fvhave been hurt emotionally and/or physically by another party’s wrongdoing.

Examples of Negligence

In personal injury law, some examples of negligence include auto accidents caused by drunk drivers, dog bites from dogs that are not fenced in their yards, or medical complications that result from a physician’s carelessness or disregard. In each of these instances, the responsible party overlooked the risk that he or she posed to others, thereby leading to an injury.

Types of Damages

Once negligence is established in a personal injury law case, the defendant in the lawsuit must pay the plaintiff for his or her injuries. Some of the damages are easier to determine than others. For example, it is easy to calculate medical bills and damages to property. However, damages for lost wages or emotional distress may require the testimony of an expert witness. Punitive damages may also be included in a negligence settlement.

Contact an Attorney Today

When initiating a tort lawsuit, identifying the responsible defendants may be complicated because a defendant may not be financially equipped to pay a large settlement. That is why you need a personal injury attorney to identify and sue any added parties who may be liable for your suffering. Click here to review your options.

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