Personal Background Details to Consider Before Signing Up for Truck Driving Classes in Chicago

Truck Driving Classes in Chicago offer a way for a person to acquire the skills necessary to become an over-the-road semi driver, a local dump truck driver or a similar position. These jobs typically pay very well as long as the individual becomes employed by or contracts with a reputable company. Before signing up for a driving course, the person will want to make sure he or she qualifies for these jobs in regard to health status, driving record and criminal background. Background checks are standard in this industry.

Health Status

After completing Truck Driving Classes in Chicago and passing the exams to obtain a CDL, the person must report to a Department of Transportation physical exam every year. Certain health conditions automatically disqualify people from class A or class B CDL renewal. Uncontrolled high blood pressure is a common example. Before someone with this condition begins coursework with a driver training school, it’s important to work with a doctor on getting that problem under control with medication.

Driving Record

The candidate’s driving record doesn’t need to be spotless, but companies generally only hire applicants who have not been cited more than once in the past three years. The severity of the offense also is considered. Citations for reckless driving and traveling at an excessively high speed will cause more problems for job candidates than acts like making an illegal u-turn.

A conviction of driving under the influence of alcohol has more deleterious effects, as it raises a red flag to employers. If the conviction was five or more years ago, the person is more likely to be successful in the job search.

Criminal Background

As with DUI offenses, felony convictions also generally require a waiting period before a truck driving career becomes more accessible. Companies look at the type of crime that was committed as well. Crimes they consider less serious will not count as strongly against job applicants.

The good news for applicants is that the trucking industry is experiencing a remarkable shortage of drivers. Companies want to bring on qualified workers to ease that shortage. Completing coursework at Company Name is an excellent step toward becoming a candidate that employers are eager to hire.