Percolator or Diffuser: What they are and why they are Important

When it comes to purchasing bongs, you may be confused about what is available and what you need for a superior smoking experience. This is especially true if this is your first time purchasing glass pipes and bongs. There are a number of accessories sold with these devices that you may leave out, simply because you are not sure of their function. Unfortunately, this can minimize the smoking experience. The diffuser and percolator are accessories found available for bongs, which can help to enhance its function; however, do you really know what they do or why they are necessary? If not, use the information here to make an educated decision about your next purchase.

What is the Diffuser?

The diffuser is a type of downstem for the bong. It is similar to a test tube that is sealed at one end, or full of several slits and holes that are present throughout the glass. A pressure differential is used by diffusers in between the top in/outlets and the bottom. The smoke is then directed to the base of the water, where it will pass through small pockets in the water, eventually rising to the outlet.

When smaller bubbles are made more of the surface area of the smoke will come into contact with the water that is in the bong, which will filter and cool the smoke much more effectively since the bubbles will be hitting the surface at the same time. This feature also makes the bong virtually silent. The majority of high quality bongs will come with diffusers, or they will be able to be purchased as a separate replacements or attachments for the downstem.

What is the Percolator?

The percolator is a type of sub chamber that can be built into the water bong’s shaft, allowing an interaction between the water and in-line smoke through dissolution and heat exchange. There are a number of different percolator designs that are available today, with the most common being dome or tree percolators.

While diffusers and percolators are not required for using a bong, they can increase the effectiveness of the device. The majority of lower priced bongs will not come equipped with these accessories; however, you can purchase add-ons if you desire. Consider this carefully next time you purchase any type of bong to ensure that you receive the best smoking experience possible.

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