Pediatric Laser Dentistry: Helping Remove The Fear Of Dentists

Dentistry has come a long way since pliers were once used by barbers to remove teeth. Technology has made the process increasingly painless and continues to remove the fear of going to a dentist. This is particularly important when it comes to children. Technology has recently taken one more giant step towards this goal with the introduction of lasers. Practicing pediatric laser dentists on Billings MT have found this to be extremely beneficial in decreasing anxiety.

Application of Laser Dentistry

Lasers are a safe, effective way of reducing the fear factor among children as well as adults. This cutting edge technology can be safely applied in a variety of ways. Dental lasers can:

  • Caries (cavity) removal

  • Bone removal

  • Soft tissue treatment

Lasers, under the hands of skilled professionals, such as pediatric laser dentists, can perform these tasks with precision.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Pediatric laser dentists are well aware of the benefits from using this cutting edge device. In Billings MT and elsewhere in New York State, pediatric dentists are beginning to realize how it will make their practice easier and their child clients more comfortable and less afraid of a trip to the dentist. They recognize the method offers major benefits including the following:

  • Minimally Invasive: Laser dentistry is involves less equipment

  • No Stitches: Some procedures on soft tissues may not require sutures if the appropriate laser is used

  • No Anesthesia: The performance of some dental procedures will not require anesthesia if lasers are used

  • Minimal Bleeding: The use of lasers in dentistry reduces the amount of bleeding. The characteristics of the laser light aid in the clotting of blood. This, in turn, reduces the amount of bleeding

  • Minimal Bacterial Infection: The nature of laser lights results in sterilization of the area upon which the dentist is working. This decreases the chances of infection occurring

  • Minimized Tissue Damage

  • Faster Healing Wounds: Wounds heal faster as well as tissues can be regenerated using lasers

  • Reduced Stress: Stress from the employment of drills and needles is decreased by the use of a laser. As a result, fear of visiting a dentist also diminishes

  • Time Saved: Laser treatments result in decreased time spent in the dentist’s chair and fewer trips to the dentist

  • Decreased Drug Interactions: Since lasers do not require the use of drugs, there is less chance of any drug interactions occurring

  • No Drooping Lip: With no drugs in play, pediatric laser dentists in Billings MT find the child escapes having a drooping or numb lip

Many pediatric laser dentists are embracing the new technology. Laser dentistry offers dentists a chance to perform safe, effective and precise surgery while decreasing the fear factor of their clients. This is particularly rewarding for pediatric dentists who do not want their young clients fearing every trip they make to visit a dentist.

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