Pediatric Dentists in Collegeville will Protect Your Child’s Smile

Many of the dental problems adults suffer from have a common cause — fear of going to the dentist. That leads directly to the second reason many adults forgo dental treatment — the cost. Treatment postponed becomes more expensive treatment. The underlying reasons so many people postpone dental care goes back to either bad dental experiences when they were young or to not having any dental care when they were children.

There are important reasons to take children to Dentists in Collegeville. Some dental problems, particularly crooked teeth, are more easily corrected on children than on adults. However, many feel that it is even more important for children to learn that going to the dentist is a normal activity, not to be feared. The children will develop good dental hygiene habits that will last them a lifetime. Not only will those good habits and attitudes let them keep their brilliant smiles during their entire lives, they will also save a substantial sum of money because of early preventive care.

Pediatric dentists have extra training for this specialty. At a minimum, a pediatric dentist graduated from 4 years at a dental school and then completed a 2-year residency in dentistry for children from infants to teens, including special needs children. He or she provides comprehensive oral dental health care, including early infant risk assessments, preventive care and treatment, cleaning teeth, treatment and management of gum diseases and emergency care. The dentist is also trained to diagnose oral conditions linked to diseases such as diabetes or asthma.

Pediatric Dentistry of Collegeville has a mission. They state that they “Treat Your Children Like Our Children” Dr. Allison Rose, D.M.D. has ten years of private practice experience in addition to advanced training and residency in pediatric dentistry. Dr. Allison knows how to examine and reassure children who may be uneasy during an examination. The offices and equipment are designed to make children more comfortable. Dr. Allison is committed to providing high quality care to children’s primary and permanent teeth. Any parent in the Collegeville, PA area should take their child to visit Dr. Allison and protect their child’s sweet smile.

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