Pediatric Braces by Your Orthodontist in Allen

Orthodontics has long been a very important part of dentistry. Perhaps, the reason for this is the common pathology of the teeth. But at the same time, the probable cause may be the fact that dentists and patients have began to pay more attention to aesthetics and beauty in recent decades. That’s why most people try to fix their teeth as soon as possible. If you feel that your child needs orthodontic care, contact your local Orthodontist in Allen today.

The best option is to contact an orthodontist around the age of seven. At this time, there is a change in the child’s milk teeth over to permanent. This process is accompanied by the formation of malocclusions. Typically, dentists apply plates or splints up to the age of nine. With these devices, you can get rid of small defects in the bite, while also changing the position of the teeth. But these methods are not always effective. If no result is found, it is necessary to continue using more effective methods.

The minimum age at which you can correct bite issues using braces is 9-10 years old. At this stage, children are aware of the need to form a correct bite. In addition, they are able to care for their teeth with the installed system. It should also be noted that the teeth are usually easily corrected. As a result, this treatment takes less time.

For treatment to have maximum efficiency, the patient should fully comply with the recommendations of Orthodontist in Allen. In particular, this applies to oral care. After installing braces, the dentist must show and explain to the patient how to brush their teeth. Particular attention should be paid to the – spaces. Proper cleaning of the teeth is advised to avoid design infringement and peeling gums.

It is also necessary to revise the diet of the child. First, you should eliminate the “gummy” products (gum, toffee, and so on). It is not recommended to eat hard foods, especially nuts, croutons, sunflower seeds, etc. Throughout the duration of treatment, visits should be periodically made to the dentist for tension correction, etc. Generally, a braces treatment takes 8 to 12 months for children. But more complex pathologies may need a longer period of time.
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