Paying Child Support in Paulding County

Just because you had a child out of wedlock it does not mean you can get out of paying Child Support in Paulding County. It just means that what determines how much child support you pay becomes more complicated. Factors that help determine how much child support you pay include whether or not the child has actually lived with you or spent any time with you. It also depends on the resources that the custodial parent has towards supporting the child. While you still have an obligation to support that child, the obligation might not require as much money depending on how well off the custodial parent is.

Even though you are not in custody of a child you are legally obligated to provide some kind of support to your child. You should keep in mind that this does not apply to stepchildren. Unless you went through the motions of adopting your stepchildren, you do not have a legal obligation to support your stepchildren if your marriage ended in a divorce. This is an obligation that would be reserved by the child’s biological parent.

The court is going to determine how much child support you are required to pay every month based on your income and the income of the other parent. They are also going to take into consideration the amount of time you are in custody of the child. Income that the court would include in this decision includes:

1. Tips
2. Wages
3. Self-Employment Earnings
4. Disability Payments
5. Social Security Benefits
6. Unemployment Benefits
7. Worker’s Compensation
8. Interest
9. Veteran’s Benefits
10. Pensions
11. Government Retirement Benefits
12. Commissions
13. Bonuses

You have to keep in mind that in most cases the more you earn, the more Child Support in Paulding County you are going to be required to pay. If your child has special needs or a specific medical condition that is going to play a role in determining how much child support you are required to pay as well. If your current financial situation has changed it is possible for you to get your child support order changed. You are, however, going to need to reach out to a law firm such as Business Name in order to hire a family lawyer or a child support lawyer for help.

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