Patrol Boats for Coastal Defense and Protection

Specialty boats are used by law enforcement agencies for coastal defense and protection. The Navy, Coast Guard or Police may use these boats for the ocean, river or lake patrolling. Boats are used for immigration law enforcement, most notably for the rescue of Cuban refugees fleeing their country by vessels that are not seaworthy. They are also used for anti-smuggling, anti-piracy, homeland security and for patrolling coastal swimming areas for sharks. Boats and their operators are often used for rescue operations as they are light and fast and can maneuver in deep or shallow waters.

With the growth of faster and more advanced boats, those looking to break the law are relying more and more on boats to assist in their dubious ways. This poses a severe challenge to law enforcement to stay ahead of the game and have faster and even more advanced water vessels. There is also an increased concern of terrorists using boats to threaten national security. For these reasons, Patrol Boats used by law enforcement authorities need to be of good strong construction with a cruising capability of 50 knots or more to keep citizens safe.

Medium sized boats are frequently used in open sea, and smaller boats are used for beach, river and lake patrols. Almost all Patrol Boats have aluminum hulls because they are strong, durable and have low maintenance. Some are outfitted with machine guns which can only be used for short range issues because of the inability to stabilize the weapon stations in most cases. These boats are equipped with advanced optical surveillance equipment with night vision. This is because many law enforcement boats are used to track their targets not intercept them.

There are a limited number of boat dealers that sell these boats for official law enforcement needs. There are, however, many dealers like us, who sell boats to the general public that were at one time in the service of some branch of law enforcement or government agency. These boats will have been stripped of their weaponry and the surveillance equipment. But these boats would still be an excellent and sturdy used boat to own. You can also visit them on YouTube for more information.

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