Patients Get Ready for Big Events with a Teeth Whitening in Lakewood Treatment

Dental treatments have expanded during the past decade to include many Cosmetic Dentistry options. Patients no longer have to be self-conscious about unattractive teeth. Many patient questions revolve around Teeth Whitening in Lakewood. Patients who have yellow, gray or dingy teeth want to have bright white teeth. They may be skeptical about these treatments because they have tried whitening toothpastes, sticks or at-home kits. They have to realize that these consumer products don’t have the same ingredients as those used by dentists.

Just a single 90-minute treatment in a dentist’s office can whiten teeth up to eight shades. Many older patients feel much younger when they look in the mirror after this procedure. Patients with sensitive teeth are afraid that it will damage their enamel or make their teeth even more sensitive. When a dentist is overseeing the procedure, he can evaluate the thickness of the patient’s enamel. If the patient does have thin enamel, then the dentist will use less of the whitening agents. This could mean that the patient’s teeth will only whiten by five or six times. However, this is still a vast improvement. It is doubtful that the patient will notice the difference. They will just love their new smile.

After the initial treatment the dentist will show the patient how to care for their whiter teeth themselves. This will include easy-to-use home whitening kits that he will give them. It’s important that the patient follow these maintenance instructions to get the maximum benefit from the procedure. With proper care, a teeth whitening procedure can last up to two years.

Often people decide to have their teeth whitened because of a major event such as a wedding or high school reunion. They want to look their best when they see people that they haven’t seen in years. There will be a lot of pictures taken and they want to look as good as possible. Once their teeth are whiter, they notice that everyone is telling them how good they look. Many people don’t recognize specifically that the teeth are whiter, they just notice that the person looks much healthier.