Partial Dentures Will Complete Your Smile

Teeth can be lost through an accident, gum disease, old age, and various other causes; the loss of multiple teeth can take away a person’s confidence. In addition, it can be detrimental to speech, reduce chewing capabilities, and otherwise make it difficult for the individual to perform basic tasks. Therefore, partial dentures may be your chance to return to normalcy with fewer frustrations. Some people hesitate to get dentures, whether because they fear they will not look natural or that they will be too costly. To help you make your decision, it is in your best interest to look at some of the benefits that dentures offer you.

A Complete Set of Teeth

A healthy adult has 28 to 32 teeth, depending on whether their wisdom teeth have been removed or did not develop. In patients who dip below that number for various reasons, a wide range of issues can become problematic, including an uneven smile. Partial dentures will allow you to show off a full set of pearly whites that will have friends and strangers alike impressed. No matter if you are in your twenties or seventies, you deserve the full use of your mouth. Partial Dentures in Tacoma WA can make that possible.

Speech, Chewing and Space

Your teeth are used for a number of sounds that are integral for the ability to speak language. Without the right teeth, you may lose your ability to form certain words or speak clearly, which can quickly become frustrating. In addition, you need molars for grinding and crunching, and losing these will make it impossible for you to enjoy your favorite foods.

To make matters worse, losing too many teeth can upset the balance of your mouth, allowing teeth to slowly migrate to where they should not be. Partial dentures will protect your mouth, make speaking simple, and help you enjoy all the foods you love to eat without exception. They will even look exactly like your original teeth, meaning no one needs to know you have them at all. Contact Soundview Denture Clinic for more information.

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