Painting Wood Furniture for a New Look

One of the greatest things about wood furniture is how easy it is to paint to give a room a whole new look. People who purchase vintage wood furniture often rely on the painting process to breathe new life into an old piece of wood. Sometimes you love a piece of wood furniture that you’ve had for years, but you want to redecorate and it no longer goes with the ambiance of the room. There are so many ways to redo a room with some furniture paint, that you can easily update an old wood dresser or fix up some wooden chairs.

When it comes to home furniture, Ottawa homeowners need to let their furniture and décor act as a part of their personality. When people walk into your home, they should feel that your furnishings express who you are, whether it’s serious, fun, or eccentric. Below are some ways to redecorate your home with painted furniture.

Freshen Up Hand Me Downs

Have you ever handed down old wood furniture to one of your children or a friend in need? Maybe you’d already planned to purchase new furniture or used it as a great excuse to go shopping for some new home furniture in Ottawa. Either way, you can spruce up hand me downs with a coat of paint. Maybe you have an old dresser stained in an odd colour, and your friend or family member just wants something in white. With a little sanding and some priming, you can repaint wood and have the furniture looking as good as new. Sometimes, refinished pieces look nothing like the original, and it will feel new to whomever gets it.

Mix the Old and the New

Painting old furniture lets you mix the new and the old. Start by buy home furniture in Ottawa and buying your new pieces. When you bring the new pieces home, consider how you can change some of your older pieces. Maybe you’re moving all of your wood living room furniture into the den or relocating your dining room table to an outdoor seating area. You could choose to repaint each piece entirely, stencil painted designs on the piece, or just restain it to make it look fresh. Because wood is easy to work with, you can do just about anything to it and love the new look.

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