Paint Protection Film in Connecticut Keeps Vehicles Looking New

Whether one has just bought a brand new vehicle, or they are having their current vehicle painted, they want to take steps to protect the paint. After all, it is expensive to have vehicles repainted, and this can be avoided when certain products are used. For many years, people chose to have their vehicles clear coated. Today, there is a special film that is available to put over a vehicle’s paint that will help to keep it looking new and extend its life. It is completely see-through, so all anyone sees is the color of the paint.

When one chooses to use paint protection film in Connecticut, they can be sure that their vehicles are going to look great, and that the paint will be protected from the elements, rocks thrown by tires, etc. 3M Scotchgard offers a film that is eight millimeters thick. The first six millimeters are a base of the film, and the final two millimeters are made with a clear coating that has ingredients to protect the paint against the effects of the sun’s UV rays. It is made from thermoplastic urethane, which is well-known for being extremely durable.

Due to Federal regulations, automotive paint manufacturers must create water based paints that are soft. This means that they aren’t going to be overly durable. Using paint protection film in Connecticut will help to increase the durability of the paint, even during those eastern winters. Unlike clear coating, there is no need to worry about the film becoming yellowed. Because it is pliable, it can be used on all surfaces of a vehicle, including headlights and mirrors.

Using this film requires no more maintenance than if one doesn’t have the film on their vehicle. There are no special cleaners to use, and vehicle owners can wash their vehicles within 24 hours of having the film applied. They can even use wax without damaging the film. A vehicle is an investment, and one that needs to be protected. By having film applied, vehicle owners won’t have to worry about paint fading. Contact Tint Master to learn more about protection film and other services offered.

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