Packing Tips For Your Mini Storage in St. Paul, MN

The way you pack your belongings before you put them in Mini Storage in St. Paul, MN can make the difference between being able to easily find the items when you need them and spending all day the storage facility looking for one item. These tips can help you pack and store your property to it is safe, secure and easy to find when you need it.

* When storing appliances, be sure they are completely clean and dry. Refrigerators and freezer doors should be left slightly open. Items can be stored inside and on top of stoves, refrigerators and freezers.

* Line boxes containing books and important papers with plastic and avoid storing them on the floor of your storage unit.

* Disassemble bed frames and tie matching pieces together so it will be easier to reassemble them later. Cover mattresses and box springs in plastic so they won’t be damaged during the moving process or while they are in storage.

* Label your boxes and store fragile items on top. Pack all of your boxes as full as possible so they don’t collapse. Fill empty spaces in the boxes with sufficient packing material.

* Store only clean and dry clothing. Clothing and linens that are dirty or contain food crumbs may attract pests.

* Store furniture on ends to maximize space. Use a pallet or floor covering under your sofa to avoid direct contact with the floor of your storage unit. Whenever possible, remove the legs from your tables before putting them in storage.

* If you are storing electronics, antiques or leather furniture, consider leasing a climate controlled storage unit to avoid damage to your delicate items.

Be sure to read the rules regarding what can and cannot be stored in your Mini Storage in St. Paul, MN. You should never store pets or perishable food items. Flammable liquids may also be restricted by the storage facility. Some homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies cover property that is in storage. If you don’t have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance or your insurance does not offer coverage for stored property, consider purchasing insurance from the storage facility.

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