Packing Lunches in Fort Myers, FL That Will Keep Kid’s Teeth Healthy

An easy step that parents can take in order to help their children have healthy teeth is to pack a nutritious lunch. It is important to focus on whole foods and to be diligent when reading labels on packaged items. The less sugar contained in a food item, the healthier it likely is for a child’s teeth.

Parents should carefully look at the beverages that they are providing for their children when they send them to school with a packed lunch. It is better to include water instead of sugary beverages. Parents should not be fooled by nutritional waters or juice. Reading the label of the beverage will reveal how much sugar sports drinks, juices, and nutritional waters contain. When a person takes their child to a

family dentistry in Ft. Myers, FL office, a dentist can explain how water will clean the teeth and help to prevent the enamel from eroding.

Instead of including potato chips, crackers, and other starchy snacks, it is better to focus on whole fruits and vegetables. Including baby carrots, celery pieces, apples, and strawberries will provide kids the fiber they need and help their teeth stay as clean as possible. A dentist at a family dentistry in Ft. Myers, FL, office can give parents suggestions on the most nutritious food for children in order to help them have a healthy smile.

A good oral healthcare routine is also important. Parents can learn about the high quality, affordable dental care provided by Aaron A. Leishman DMD, PA.

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