Packing a Mini Storage Unit in Baltimore? Here Are Some Top Tips

Planning to pack a Mini Storage Unit in Baltimore in the near future? While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to self-storage units, it’s always best to prepare with a few simple tips. These packing tips can make it easier to fill the unit — and easier to retrieve items from the storage unit when the time comes.

Consider the Storage Size Needed — And Get Some Help Deciding

One of the main mistakes that many people make when it comes to storage units is overestimating the amount of room that they’ll need. It may seem like a huge amount of stuff initially, but the simple fact is that good packing can allow a smaller space to work very well. Speak to the owner or manager of the mini storage unit about the different storage unit sizes. In most cases, they’ll be able to provide a good guideline for how much each unit holds. For example, a unit may be referred to as a “one bedroom unit,” meaning that it can hold the contents of an average one bedroom apartment comfortably. The storage unit owner or manager is accustomed to steering customers in the right direction, so rely on their expertise when making this decision.

Think About Which Items Will Be in Storage the Longest

Determine which items are likely to stay in storage the longest, and put those items in the storage locker first. In general, the rule to follow is “last in, first out.” The items that are likely to be retrieved within the next few months should be towards the front of the storage unit where they’re easy to reach. This can save a lot of time later on, as there’s no need to dig through everything in the unit to find the pieces needed.

Packing Properly Pays Off

While there are both indoor and outdoor storage options, it’s always wise to pack carefully regardless. Particularly delicate items should be wrapped and labeled, then cushioned by the less fragile items. Items that are susceptible to weather extremes always need to stay in indoor climate controlled storage. When storing items in outdoor units, it’s best to place them on a wooden pallet rather than directly on the floor in case of leaks.

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