Orange County, CA, Children’s Court Lawyers Fight Custody Change Petitions

Children’s court lawyers in Orange County, CA, may represent an intellectually challenged parent whose child custody rights are being questioned. The person may have been born with a low intelligence level or experienced an acquired brain injury that reduced intellectual ability. As a result, these parents have significant disadvantages in custody cases and need experienced legal counsel.


A case may arise when the other parent decides to petition for custody. That person’s lawyer could present the handicap as grounds for custody change approval. This might happen if the custodial parent experienced a brain injury after the two had divorced. It also can occur when a mother and father have never married but conceived during a brief fling. The petitioner may say he or she hadn’t realized the level of this person’s mental challenges.

Sometimes a well-meaning third party has contacted a social services department out of concern for the child. Unfortunately, if the agency removes a child, even temporarily, the parent may face substantial difficulties in having the youngster returned.

Aggressive Defense

Children’s court lawyers in Orange County, CA, represent parents who have been caring for a child under full custody rights. An attorney provides effective defense against the other parent’s motion for custody modification. Character witnesses can vouch for the custodial parent.

A problem like this was depicted in the 2001 film I Am Sam. Sean Penn starred as a mentally disabled father battling to retain custody of his daughter. Anyone facing this type of situation may find contact details for children’s court attorneys at ALL Trial Lawyers

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