Options To Enhance Secure Cloud Storage

Storing data in the cloud is a critical consideration for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. The more sensitive the data, the more important it is to use enhanced secure cloud storage strategies.

Top providers of cloud computing and hosting plans build security into the services they provide. The levels of security and the measures in place meet industry standards based on the specific type of cloud. In general, most businesses operate in a public or private cloud, but there are also hybrid clouds and virtual private clouds. Some industries, such as the banking and finance industry, have dedicated clouds that include specialized security protocols and measures that are regulated by national or international mandated standards.

Encrypted Storage

Providers offering secure cloud storage use encryption to protect all data stored within the cloud. This encryption limits the ability to read the information to those users authorized with the keys to encryption for the data. This is a basic security element, and may be all that is required for non-sensitive types of data stored on public and private clouds.

It is possible for highly sensitive data to be encrypted before being uploaded to the cloud. In this way, data is encrypted in real-time on the device, then encrypted when uploaded, ensuring full protection across the device, local networks, as well as in the cloud.

Two-Factor Authentication

A common security issue is not with secure cloud storage, but in how users access that data. By included two factor authentication, even if user names and passwords are shared or stolen, the system is inaccessible. Having the ability to delete or change user access information and two factor authentication protocols in real-time adds an additional level of security from internal hacking.

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