Options To Consider With Professional CD Printing In NYC

If you are going to have CDs produced then it is well worth the little bit of extra money to have your CD printing in NYC done by a professional company. While you may be able to do a good job at home, there is a difference between a professional print job and a home done product. Simple things like perfect centering of the labels and a CD that looks like it came from the store really do add value to your project.

On Disc CD Printing in NYC

The label that you put on the CD is an important way to not only identify your music or project but it also provides information about yourself. You want to choose a style that matches the image that you are conveying. Options can include black on silver or black on white, which are very polished and professional looking. For a bigger range of colors and options consider a color high gloss or a color matte CD disc face that allows you to be creative.

Panel Inserts

Panel inserts allow you to provide additional information about your music, yourself, your project or whatever else you would like to include. There are several different options for panel inserts for your CD printing in NYC. The can be 2 or 4 panel inserts with one or two sided print depending on the amount of information that you want to provide.


Traycards, or tray cards, are the back part of the CD case. This is a great extra space that is similar to the back of an old style album. You can provide information about the songs, the theme of the music, yourself or the band or just add some artwork and details for visual appeal.

You can add as many of these features as you need to your order for CD printing in NYC. More professional and promotional types of CDs typically include all three, while personal use CDs or those that are used for presentations or other uses may include guides, directions or basic information about the contents on the CD. Browsing through the options provided by the company can help you determine which options or features you want to include in your next project.

We offer a range of different templates and options for all your CD printing in NYC.

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