Options in Water Treatment in Leesburg FL

For most homeowners it can be difficult to determine the necessity of a water filtration system, or which kind of system would work best. Although using a filter is a matter of personal taste in most cases, there are certain factors that should be considered during the selection process. Below is a list of things to think about when choosing Water Treatment in Leesburg FL.

Is There a Need for Contaminant Reduction?

Not all filters work on all contaminants. If there’s a specific contaminant in tap water, the NSF’s selection guide can help the homeowner find the right filtration product. In cases where the contaminant is unknown, homeowners can obtain a water quality inspection and report or they can get their well tested. By finding out what’s in the water, the homeowner can choose a treatment system that addresses the right concerns.

Treatment Options

There are several types of Water Treatment devices suitable for use at home. A POE (point of entry) system treats all water going into the home, and it’s typically installed after the storage tank or the water meter. Water softeners are an example of a whole-house filter.

Point of use systems treat water as it’s used, and they’re commonly used on shower heads, refrigerators and kitchen sinks. Some are installed inline, while others run filtered water through separate fixtures. There are several choices in POU systems, including:

• Personal water receptacles are reusable and they include filters.

• Pitchers use a gravity-fed system for Water Treatment in Leesburg FL. These often have lower capacities than other systems.

• Faucet-mounted filters attach to standard faucets, and a diverter sends water through the system when it’s in use.

• Countertop filters sit adjacent to the sink and connect to the end of a faucet. Filtered water comes from a spout within the system.

• Refrigerator filters are for the treatment of ice and water as it comes out of a dispenser, and they include aftermarket and integrated styles.

Home water filtration systems need periodic maintenance to work properly. Homeowners should carefully follow instructions included in the system’s operating manual, and filter cartridges, membranes and other expendable parts should be replaced by a professional. Visit here for more information.

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