Options In Poly Strapping Machine Problems

As with most packaging equipment, poly strapping machines offer a range of different features, prices, and options to consider. Choosing from manual, handheld types of equipment to semi-automatic or fully automatic will provide the options any company needs for occasional or continual strapping requirements.

Handheld Equipment

In general, the lowest cost options will be the handheld tools that may operate manually, electrically, by battery or pneumatically. The handheld poly strapping equipment is typically very low cost to operate and can utilize a range of different types of poly strapping.

With the manually operated equipment, there is no limitation to where it can be used or the shape or size of the container or carton that can be strapped. Pneumatic systems will require air, but with extended lines to compressors, it is very easy to use these in a wide range of locations as well.

This equipment is very low maintenance and will typically last for years even with regular use. It is also small enough to be easily transported or stored when not in use.

Semi-Automatic or Automatic Systems

The main difference between the semi-automatic and the automatic poly strapping machines is the semi-automatic systems require the operator to place the carton under the sensor to complete the strapping process.

The automatic systems work with a conveyor system to move the already sealed cartons to the strapping machine. These poly strapping machines will position the equipment, complete the strapping and then push the carton forward onto another conveyor for further processing.

Both semi and automatic strapping machines can use a range of different types of poly strapping. The equipment can be designed for smaller or larger packages or to accommodate a range of different carton sizes.

These systems are built to provide continual strapping processes. They are more costly, but they also provide increased efficiency with precise, waste reducing technology that helps to save on operating costs.