Options In Bagger Handlebars

Sometimes a rather flippant or joking term comes to be a name that everyone recognizes for a particular style. This is often true in the biking world, where there are some very descriptive names for different types of bikes.

One of the more common names that is somewhat disparaging is the term bagger. It was originally coined to mean a large cruiser bike that had double bags on either side for luggage. As these bikes were designed for touring, the bags really were an important part of the bike.

Today, bagger handlebars for Harley-Davidson cruising or touring bikes or various bikes from other manufacturers are very much in demand. The size of these bikes and their riding comfort makes them a great choice to start a full customization or just a few personal touches.

Change Out the Stock

Getting rid of the boring old stock bagger handlebars that come with the motorcycle is a great first step. Generally, these handlebars will be made of inch and a half round or crushed tube depending on the style.

These tend to be handlebars that look best sitting up and away from the bike but not to the extent of ape hangers. However, you will sometimes see mini apes on baggers, and it can be a great look with the right additional customization.

Options to Consider

There will be different options in all parts of the bagger handlebars including the grips, the handles and even the finishing on the bars. If they do have a curvature to the bars, they tend to arch forward, which gives a classic shape to the bars when viewed in profile.

By opting for a custom design rather than buying a kit, there are options for all the components on the handlebars, allowing each rider to pick and choose the best match for his or her needs and bike design.