Opportunities Through Urgent Care In Maui

In Hawaii, urgent care facilities provide comprehensive health care for all patients. The health care services provide fast care for patients who are suffering from common ailments. The facilities also perform professional services for prospective employees. A local Urgent Care in Maui offers a wide array of services to help all patients in need.

Professional Physicals and Assessments

The doctors at urgent care facilities complete professional physicals and assessments. The Department of Transportation sends applicants to urgent care facilities for these assessments. The prospective employees must complete a drug test, physical assessment, and read a standard eye exam chart. All findings are reported back to the DOT to determine if the applicant is cleared for employment.

STD Testing and Screening Services

STD testing and screening services are available at any time during office hours. The nursing staff completes the tests and provides faster results. Patients have access to a full STD panel and examinations. HIV tests take a longer duration to complete, and the staff offers discreet results. Birth control and safe sex education counseling are also available to all patients.

Strep, the Flu, and the Common Cold

Doctors complete testing for strep throat, the flu, and the common cold. The test results are available quickly, and doctors may offer antibiotic shots to speed up the healing process. Antibiotics and pain medications are provided as needed. The doctors provide an excuse for work or school for their patients who are diagnosed with the flu and strep.

Allergy Tests and Treatment Strategies

Doctors provide allergy tests for patients as well. Once all allergies are identified, the doctor devises a proper care plan for the patient. When necessary EpiPens are provided to prevent life-threatening conditions related to allergies. Prescription medications are also provided as needed for complex allergies. The medications are available for daily use to control severe symptoms.

In Hawaii, urgent care facilities provide care for common conditions such as the flu and allergies. The doctors provide STD testing and screening services for patients who need answers right now. The services are available at flat-rate fees to help patients manage expenses. Patients who need to acquire health care services visit a facility offering Urgent Care in Maui or click here now. You can also visit them on YouTube Channel.

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