Ongoing Benefits of Dental Implants in Wichita, KS

Restoring and promoting tooth health are primary goals for dentists who prescribe Dental Implants in Wichita, KS for patients. If a natural tooth has suffered injury or decay and other treatments to save the tooth have not worked, dental implants are the next option. Also, when teeth are simply not present due to congenital defects, implants provide a way to have a complete set of teeth. Thomas D Fankhauser DDS can describe the complete process to patients and help them understand the many benefits associated with this choice of dental repair.

Because dental implants involve a permanent fixture, the benefits are also long lasting. Advantages include:

*  Strength and stability – the titanium implant is placed into the actual jaw bone where it then fuses with existing bone. The titanium post will be the foundation for the new tooth. An abutment is then screwed into the post. The new tooth will then be attached to the abutment via dental cement or even a small screw. This design provides a tooth which will act and function as a natural tooth.
*  Long term service – continued regular dental visits allow the dentist to check the implant as he or she is checking the other natural teeth. Although minor adjustments may be made along the way, implants are designed to last a lifetime versus the five to ten lifespan of other tooth supported prostheses.

*  Healthy bone tissue – dental implants provide an environment in which the bone continues to serve its purpose. When teeth are lost and not replaced, bone can begin to weaken and deteriorate. Dental implants in Wichita, KS can actually stimulate and promote bone growth. Furthermore, dental implants can protect the surrounding natural teeth.

*  Natural Aesthetics – a patient’s regular face shape and smile are retained. The implant will act just as a natural tooth would support face structure as well as speech. With implants being stationary, they can not fall out as a bridge or dentures might.

Enjoying these benefits, as well as many others, affords one the opportunity to continue life with a healthy smile and a confident outlook.

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