One Stop Source For Best Metal Fabrication Auburn WA

The creation of aluminum lettering for large scale display signs, die-cut steel screens, or other decorative architectural components such as patterned metal ceiling tiles, is the result of complex industrial cutting and stamping processes. Other shaping techniques produce everything from corrugated steel panels, piping and conduit, and structural support members and couplers. Specialized metal fabrication has long been a dedicated industry in its own right ever since cutting and welding torches and later machine-driven cutting tools, stamping machines and pressers became widely available for the reworking of the plain metal plate into special shapes and designs.

The major operator serving industrial customers based within the Auburn WA area for fabrication applications is Specialty Metals. Using the latest techniques in high-pressure water jet cutting as well as precision laser or plasma cutting, Specialty can fulfill the needs for a carved metal plate for a wide variety of commercial customers and projects. Additionally, the company’s stamping and pressing operations produce the tubed and precision-bent plate for any project. Specialty’s staff is also capable and equipped to cut tooling dies for any machining application necessary to produce flanged pipe or plate, tubing in any size, angled plate, coupled conduit in angled or cylindrical shape, or any special shaping required for any given project.

When it comes to finding the ideal one-stop source for Metal Fabrication Auburn WA, Specialty offers to its clients the full range of cutting, shaping, and rolling services, and the staff also offer expert consultancy in project planning. In addition to precision high-pressure water-jet cutting, Specialty can shape and cut metal utilizing oxy-fuel torches, laser cutters, carbon and plasma cutters, plate saws, braking presses and stampers. Computer controlled machine tools ensure custom work and service executed in a quick and timely fashion. Often the finished product is delivered to the client on the same day. And for most everyday applications, Specialty maintains a stock of pre fabricated sheet, plate, and tubing on site.

For any construction or other type, project needs requiring cut and shaped metal, Specialty is a one-stop resource. On the world-wide-web, visit us website is the gateway to the operation’s wide array of value-added products and services for the completion of any project on any scale.

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