Odometer, Tachometer, and Speedometer Repair In Phoenix AZ

The gauges on your car are the measurement devices that give you important information about how your car is running and what type of maintenance it needs. A gauge can stop functioning while your car keeps on running as smoothly as ever; for this reason, some drivers postpone or ignore odometer, tachometer, and Speedometer Repair in Phoenix AZ. However, keeping these gauges in good repair will keep your car safe and running longer.

The odometer is the gauge that measures the number of miles your car has traveled. The first odometer was described around 27 B.C. as a device that could count the rotations of a chariot wheel. Knowing the distance of a single rotation allowed the user to calculate the full distance traveled. A modern digital odometer uses a sensor to count the number of rotations of the transmission gear. The odometer reading can help you know when it’s time to perform maintenance on your car, like an every-3,000-mile oil change. In addition, mileage is part of what determines a car’s value when it’s time to sell it.

The tachometer tells you about your engine’s performance by measuring the rotation of the engine shaft in revolutions per minute. Tachometers were first used in the 19th century to measure the speed of machines, including locomotives. Modern tachometers sense the voltage output of the ignition system, which is proportional to the shaft’s speed. If your car is a manual transmission, the tachometer helps you know when to shift gears or what gear to use. In all cars, the tachometer can indicate if the engine is working too hard and running too fast. A tachometer reading in the red means it is time to have your engine serviced.

The speedometer measures the speed at which your vehicle is traveling. The first mechanical speedometer was patented in 1902. Modern electronic devices use a sensor to detect the rotational speed of the drive shaft, which corresponds to the speed of the vehicle on the road. The purpose of this gauge is to help you monitor your driving speed, drive safely, and avoid traffic tickets.

Your car uses these gauges and others to communicate with you and to let you know when it needs attention. If you need to repair an auto gauge, check out Dick’s Speed-O-Tach. They offer expert services for your auto gauges, cluster repair, and Speedometer Repair in Phoenix AZ.

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