Obituaries: An Overlooked Part of the Pre-Planning in Bel Air

Choosing to make burial or cremation arrangements in advance is only the beginning of the Pre-planning in Bel Air. Other details must be included in the mix, especially if the idea is to ensure grieving loved ones don’t have to make decisions during a time when they find it hard to gather their thoughts. One element that tends to be overlooked is the preparation of an obituary. Here are some tips to keep in mind when coming up with the main body of the document.

Appropriate for More Than One Medium

While it’s true that many newspapers continue to publish obituaries, an increasing number show up at legacy sites that can be utilized by multiple funeral homes. In one sense, the fact that an online obituary can be a little longer, and possibly more personal, than one that has to meet the standards of a print publication is a good thing. It also means that some of the traditional standards for obituaries would look stilted and somewhat impersonal in an online setting.

A funeral director can help the client understand how the two mediums differ and what it would take to come up with something that works in both settings. Developing a basic outline is often the best approach to creating an ideal obituary. In the best-case scenario, everything but the death date, the circumstances, and the information about the burial and the memorial service will be all that must be added.

Including the Information That the Client Wants

Preparing the obituary in advance provides the chance to ensure anything the client considers important is included in the document. Not everyone wants to be remembered for all the degrees they earned or the fact that they worked for most of their lives at the same company. If the client wants to provide more space to mentioning hobbies, charitable organizations, or anything else that defined their lives, a director can help the client craft something that is tasteful, balanced, and informative.

If the obituary is not already written, visit the website and arrange to meet with a funeral professional at Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services. Along with the other details for the pre-planning, the text for that obituary can be settled and kept on file until it’s needed.

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