Nurture Your Lawn and Weed out the Pests with Landscaping Companies in Waukesha, WI

Spring is a time of rebirth, and this is certainly true where your lawn is concerned. Crunchy brown grass gives way to soft, supple green growth, and flowers begin emerging from their winter hibernation. Flowering shrubs transform from sad and empty to full bloom. The world comes alive with every color of the rainbow. Physical and visual warmth radiate from every direction.

If you’re growing tired of all the vegetation currently gracing your yard, it may be time for a change. Landscaping companies in Waukesha WI have the annuals and perennials you need to give your lawn a complete makeover. They can also create new beds for your flowers and shrubs using an array of decorative stone borders, carefully chosen mulches and nutrient-rich planting soils. Should spring showers threaten to wash away those newly incorporated elements, your professional landscape company can also install drainage solutions and retaining walls.

Of course, along with the reawakening of all things flora comes a bit of an issue. Dandelions and other manner of weeds also break ground during this time of year, threatening the lawn you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. Spring’s newly hatched insect population makes its appearance to literally eat away at the fruits of your labor. Newborn wildlife led by the elder generation learns to frolic in and feed on your shrubs, flowers and homegrown veggies.

Landscaping companies in Waukesha WI have a variety of remedies for these woes. Over-the-counter weed control options have a way of killing the invaders as well as everything around them, but your landscape professionals can provide safe and effective alternatives. They may also be able to recommend and implement insect and critter control that’s safe for your children and pets.

Keeping your lawn, flower beds, gardens and other landscape features in optimum condition can be difficult and time-consuming. If you’re not sure of exactly what measures to take in this regard, it can also be in vain. Your local professionals offer lawn care and maintenance services to take the burden off your shoulders and the questions off your mind. Whether your tomatoes just won’t grow or you’d like to completely revamp your lawn and have a patio built, contact Bluemel’s Garden & Landscape Center. They offer the full spectrum of lawn care and landscape services as well as year-round maintenance solutions.

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