Non-Surgical Neck Pain Treatment Options

Neck pain is a significant health issue for many people living in and around Strongsville, OH. Neck pain impacts more than 30% of the adult population in the United States, with about 50% of that population experiencing chronic neck pain over the course of their life.

Learn About Treatment Options

Unfortunately, many of these individuals suffering from acute or chronic neck pain do not seek effective treatment. In a significant number of cases, individuals are told that neck surgery is the only option to treat the pain. It is not uncommon to find the possible risks associate with the procedures outweigh the possible reduction in pain after the lengthy healing process is complete.

There are several different options in neck pain treatment Strongsville OH that do not require a surgical procedure. These treatments are completed at physiotherapy clinics and provide an effective way to manage and reduce or eliminate neck pain over the course of the treatment plan.

Physical Therapy

An effective option in non-surgical neck pain treatment is the use of physical therapy. This can include manual or hands-on therapy to manipulate the neck and spine to align the spinal column. This is beneficial to reduce pressure on nerves in the neck and spine that contribute to pain, headaches, muscle tension, and a range of other symptoms.

In addition to manual manipulation, physical therapy includes specific exercises that increase mobility and build strength in the supporting muscles. This not only acts as an immediate pain treatment but also helps to prevent future injury to the neck.

Other options for neck pain treatment include dry needing, also known as trigger point needling. Talking to a physiotherapist in the Strongsville, OH, area allows you to choose the best method for managing and treating neck pain.

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