Non-Drug Treatments for Chronic Pain That May Be Offered in Jacksonville

When you think about someone suffering from spine pain, you likely think about them needing pain medications. And it is true that in the immediate aftermath of an injury or surgery pain medication is prescribed to help a person get through that initial pain. However, pain medications can only go so far. They don’t address the issue that is causing the pain. For this reason, individuals suffering from spine pain may benefit from non-drug treatments at a Jacksonville spine center to address their pain.

Light to moderate exercise can help minimize some forms of pain. This is because light to moderate exercise leads to improved oxygen and blood flow to the muscles. It reduces stress. This can be especially helpful for people who are dealing with arthritis, back pain, and psychogenic pain.

Heat and cold therapy have been used for millennia to help individuals dealing with chronic pain. Heat and cold can be applied using a safety mechanism, such as cold packs or hot packs, that have limits built in to protect a person from getting injured. Alternating between cold and heat can be effective in treating pain.

Acupuncture is a great way to provide relief for chronic pain. Massage therapy has also been used for as long as there has been medicine to help people manage certain types of chronic pain. In extreme cases, deep brain stimulation that requires surgical stimulation of areas of the brain provided at Jacksonville spine center can be used. Or a combination of these therapies may be used to help patients get the best results.

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