Nickel Super Alloys are the Next Best Thing

Though you may not realize it, super alloys, like nickel alloy 718, are changing the world that we live in. These materials are used in applications from aerospace to medical devices and things that were never possible before, are now possible with the emergence of these alloys. By learning more about super alloys like nickel alloy 718, you will be able to find out which may be right for you and how you can use them in your own work.

What are Super Alloys?

By definition, super alloys are set combinations of certain elemental metals. When combined, these elemental metals are able to come together with outstanding strength and resistance, especially at temperatures that are over 1000 degrees F. They offer outstanding surface stability and they are resistant to both oxidation as well as corrosion. How do they do this? They start with a base of a certain metal then add other elemental metals into it including metals like cobalt, chromium, tungsten, nickel, aluminum, molybdenum and others. By working these metals in, it is easy to manipulate the features of these alloys. Some are put into the mix in large amounts, others in minuscule amounts.

Different Types of Super Alloys

There are a number of different types of super alloys. The main types are those that are nickel-iron base, nickel-base, and cobalt-base. These bases are then mixed with other metals to bring out certain properties. Some of these, like the nickel-iron base alloys, were brought about by looking at stainless steel and how it was wrought. When it comes to nickel or cobalt-base super alloys, they can be either cast or wrought. When using nickel-base alloys, you will find that they can be used at high temperatures, up to about 2200 to 2500 degrees F. You can use nickel-iron- base alloys up to about 1300 degrees F. You will find, price wise, that the nickel-iron-base alloys are less expensive, but of course, they have fewer features. However, sometimes that may be all you need to be successful in your project.

Make sure, if you are going to buy any of these alloys, that you choose to buy them from a trusted source, one who is familiar with the properties of these alloys and how they perform on the job.

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