New Javascript Features Attract the Attention of Many a Web Developer in Bellevue Wa

Even as recently as five years ago, the average Web Developer in Bellevue Wa spent a surprising amount of time accounting for the quirks and shortcomings of various internet browsers. Thankfully, things have improved a lot since, with automatic updates and a more responsible attitude among browser makers contributing to this important progress. Today, it will often take little more than the use of an appropriate Javascript shim to smooth over the differences in capabilities that particular browsers and versions represent. At the same time, plenty of more interesting developments of other kinds have made the field much more exciting and interesting.

One important advance that many a Web Developer in Bellevue Wa is grappling with today is the latest form of the Javascript language itself. Officially known as ECMAScript, the language popularly called Javascript is defined and developed by an independent committee. On an ongoing basis, that team of experts looks for ways to make the language more useful and capable, and their most recent evolution of the standard has rightly attracted a lot of attention.

Despite going under the official label of “ECMAScript 2015,” the newest set-in-stone version of Javascript is still not entirely supported by most browsers. At the same time, web developers who commit to staying at the head of the pack have been busy learning its ins and outs, with most liking the new features and improvements they have discovered.

For a long time, for example, Javascript developers chafed at the verbosity required, by default, to declare a function in the language. With many Javascript applications requiring that functions be passed as callbacks to others, the relatively wordy syntax that was needed often seemed especially out of place.

For ECMAScript 2015, the governing committee adopted a proposal that, to many, had been a long time coming. The lightweight “arrow” syntax that can now be used to define anonymous functions in place mirrors that found in many other languages like Lisp, Ruby, Haskell, and Python. As one of a number of interesting new features that are together making Javascript more powerful and pleasant to use, the new arrow function syntax has been gratefully received by many experienced developers.

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