Needle Flow Control Valve: Making The Right Choice

Industrial applications often require products that control the flow of the medium in various piping systems. The installation of certain types of flow control valves can handle this action. While several options do exist, a popular type is the needle flow control valve. It provides the exactitude than many industries require ensuring detailed management of flow rates.

The Needle Valve

Needle flow control valves receive their name from its needle-shaped components – specifically a tapered pin and a threaded needle-shaped plunger. Those who implement it select it for its excellent precision in controlling the flow path. The plunger retracts with the turning of the screw, permitting the flow of the medium between the plunger and the seat with an admirable incremental precision. Those who employ it also appreciate they can shut it off and other characteristics. The needle flow control valve is leak-tight and perfect for high-temperature applications.

Choosing the Right Control Flow Valve

Control or regulating valves must be able to control both the amount and direction of the flow. Choosing the right needle flow control valves involves looking at different factors including:

 * Size: Does the size match the specifications? If overlarge, problems can ensue. Studies indicate this the major cause of many productively negative and economically costly valve issues

 * Process: Do the properties of the flow control valve match the demands of the characteristics of the flow process, e.g., temperature, type, viscosity?
 * Performance Statistics: Does it have a solid performance record – dynamically and statically in identical environments and applications?

Needle Flow Control Valve

If you have sensitive or delicate gauges, you may find this type of valve to be most effective. In hydraulic systems, it also proves to be cost-effective means of efficiently providing precise control over a flowing medium. In carburetors and gas lasers, a needle flow control valve can provide the type of exact control these applications require with ease.