Need Inspection, Leveling, Repairs? Foundation Contractors in Houston, TX

There’s no doubt that the foundation of a building is the most crucial portion of that structure, simply because this base determines the proper function of every other element. If it’s time to install, level, or repair, you’d be wise to contact foundation contractors with the expertise and real-world experience to offer a lifetime warranty on many of its projects.

Great Warranty

It’s not unusual for a home to experience some shifting and settling over time, and when it’s time to undertake some releveling or to make repairs, certified foundation engineers with two decades of experience are the way to get the job done right. These experts will be able to handle the changing shape and shifting that can occur over a period of years, prior to the need for repairs or leveling.

When you work with professionals at this level, you may benefit from the lifetime warranty that is even transferable to owners in the future (if you have a slab-on-grade, pile installation by Knight Engineering Services). They will even readjust settlement at no charge if the area was underpinned previously by them.

Free Evaluation

Call foundation contractors in Houston, TX to ask about a free foundation evaluation. A certified engineer will make a site visit and devote the time it takes to assess foundational integrity, with a focus on factors that might be causing problems (tree roots, leaks, etc.). Measurements and readings will also be taken to determine if there is movement in the foundation. You’ll receive a detailed explanation of the findings as well as a plan for repairs, if necessary.

When you have qualified foundation contractors working for you, steps can be taken to prevent shifting in the future. It’s essential, of course, to determine the source of the problem so piling installation can be completed underneath the structure itself.

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