Need Information on Fillings? Your Local Dentist Oyster Bay Can Help!

If parts of the natural tooth structure are destroyed, the tooth has a hole that is suitable for small defects to form. A Dentist Oyster Bay NY will most likely treat these holes with a filling. This simple process takes less than an hour and is painless. Depending on the size of the defect, and the location of the tooth in the oral cavity, various methods are:

1. Amalgam
2. Adhesive

Amalgam is an alloy, a mixture of different metals. Newly existed in the past few decades, this trend is all about the composition of the different components. Mercury is always present because it causes the amalgam alloy to harden over time at room temperature. In particular, mercury as part of the amalgam filling has fallen in the past due to criticism.

Mercury and other parts of the fillings’ components tend to leave the filling, becoming digestible in the body. The degree of possible harm continues to be debated. Different countries handle the use of mercury differently. For example, some countries have other types of fillings that look near to the color of teeth, cutting mercury out of the equation. The United States happens to be one of these. However, some dentists will use mercury in a safe manner because of its durability.


Unlike an amalgam alloy filling, which holds to the tooth due to its shape, the adhesive filling is bonded. In recent years, a number of technical advancements has brought true revolutions to this aspect. The type of bonding is not indicative of the filling material used. Basically, plastic filling materials differ by their constituents, especially by the amount of the component. The requirements for the treatment of anterior teeth are different from those of posterior teeth.

Anterior restorations should look perfect. Color, luster, and natural appearance are important in the foreground. As the front teeth are not as strongly affected by masticatory forces, the filler may be smaller than that of posterior restorations. For posterior restorations, solid fraction plays a role. With the use of nanotechnology, a Dentist Oyster Bay NY can use adhesive filler content of almost 90%. For more information on fillings, or to inquire about other dental procedures, contact Locust Valley Dental Group today.


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