Need a Divorce Attorney in New Britain CT? Follow These Tips to Make Your Divorce Easier

Divorce is rarely simple. However, there are some things you can do to make your divorce less complicated and easier on your children and your finances. From the time you decide you are going to hire a Divorce Attorney in New Britain CT to end your marriage, there are a number of things you should not do that could jeopardize your divorce and your future financial security.

Don’t conceive any children during your divorce. Women who get pregnant before their divorce is final may have a hard time getting a judge to grant your petition. Men who get another woman pregnant prior to getting divorced from their wife may make it easier for their spouse to prove infidelity.

Don’t increase your debt during your divorce. You will have to get used to maintaining your home on less income. You may have to pay alimony or child support and if you accumulate a lot of credit card debt or buy a new car while you are going through your divorce, you may have a hard time making ends meet.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Accepting less than your fair share of the marital assets just because you want to be divorced from your spouse. You’ll need the resources as you start your life on your own. You worked hard to accumulate everything you own and it doesn’t make sense to give it up without negotiating for a fair and equitable settlement.

Don’t involve the children in your disagreements. Maintaining a close relationship with your children isn’t easy when you live in a different home. It is nearly impossible when you argue with their other parent in front of them or try to get them on your side by saying disparaging things about their other parent. Those tactics often backfire and cause serious damage to the parent and child relationship.

Your Divorce Attorney in New Britain CT will be your adviser throughout the process, guiding you as you end your marriage and start a new life on your own. Whether you want custody of your children, a liberal parenting time agreement or the family home, your lawyer is there to help you get what you deserve. Contact MPF Law today!

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