Naperville, IL Senior Living That Will Change Your Life

You may soon realize that it is time to seriously consider moving your parents into a senior living facility, but the decision can be fraught with a myriad of emotions. Many sons and daughters feel tremendous guilt, but the truth is that they will need a little more help and assistance at some point in their lives. Charlotte, NC senior living offers you many options, but how do you know which choice is right for your loved one?

Assisted or Independent Living?

Many people face a few challenges when choosing a senior living facility, because they are not entirely sure which residence best accommodates the needs of their elderly parents. Unless your parents are severely memory impaired or require around the clock assistance, you should consider two major types of facilities: assisted living and independent living.

Assisted living is an excellent solution for people who have numerous health problems and need ongoing care but also thrive in a situation where they can participate in many social activities. Many of the facilities offer a homey feel and allow individuals or couples to continue living in their own apartment or even a small home. However, unlike normal residences, the assisted living facilities offer 24 hour on-site care. Furthermore, on-site staff often help the residents attend to daily tasks, such as laundry and cooking.

Independent living is an excellent option for elderly singles or couples who retain much of their health and mobility. In the facilities, care is certainly available when required, but people have their own homes and live largely independently. There are social activities available on-site to encourage a great sense of community.

Get Some Good Advice

If you do not know which senior living facility offers the best care for your elderly parents, professionals at SenioROI such as Marketing For Senior Living Consultants are happy to help and provide advice.

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