Myths about Drug Addiction and Treatment That Need to Be Debunked

There has been a lot of effort made to educate people about drug addiction. As a result, people today understand drug addiction better than they did in the past. Despite steps forward, there are still many myths about drug addiction and treatment in denver that need to be debunked.

Myth: Addiction Is Just a Bad Habit

Fact: Drug addiction is more than a bad habit. People with drug addictions have physical and mental dependencies on the drug and resolving those dependencies requires more than the willpower you’d use to break a bad habit. Addicts are dealing with a chronic condition that has to be treated as such. It will not go away unless you treat it.

Myth: People With a Stable Life Don’t Have an Addiction Problem

Fact: It’s possible for anyone in any situation to develop an addiction. Even if you have a great life or think you are “safe” from an addiction, developing one is possible. And if you think your use of drugs isn’t a problem because your life is otherwise good, think again. In fact, medical professionals often explain to people that many addicts are able to live a normal life with an addiction for years. The goal is to recognize there is a problem and get it fixed before it destroys your life.

Myth: If a Person Relapses It Means Treatment was a Failure

Fact: Treatment does not guarantee sobriety. A setback in recovery also doesn’t include failed treatment. Relapse is a normal part of the recovery process, not a sign of failure. Some people have to go to rehab several times before they are able to overcome an addiction.

Myth: An Addict Is a Bad Person

Fact: Having an addiction doesn’t mean you or anyone else is a bad person. All it means is that you have an addiction. An addiction is a challenge just like other challenges in life.

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